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Posey County Solar Project

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Posey County Solar Project


Stacy Wagner, a landowner and community representative in Posey County, Indiana, writes about her positive experience working with Tenaska.

Building Relationships With Local Landowners

Farming has a long history in my family. My husband, Mike, and I are not farmers, but my Dad is, and he has farmed many acres in his lifetime. Mike and I own part of a small farm with him in Posey County, Indiana. 

While we were working at home in early 2020, we received a phone call from a land agent with Tenaska. After that call, Mike and I had a brief discussion and decided that, while we would share the information about the prospect of participating with the Posey Solar Project with Dad, we did not think there would be any way he, a farmer at heart, would ever consider it. 

After receiving the proposed documents from Tenaska for review and having several meetings with the land agent, we had an attorney review the documents. Our attorney had a few recommended changes that Tenaska was more than happy to comply with. After much discussion and deliberation between the three of us, we decided to sign on as participating landowners with the Posey Solar Project.

As a participating landowner, my experience has been that Tenaska is exceptionally good about communicating with and keeping us up to date as much as they can when there is information to share. Part of that process is through written communications as well as in-person meetings. During the time of COVID-19, in-person landowner meetings were not possible, and the project was put into the position of having to hold landowner meetings virtually. During one of the early virtual meetings, it was announced that the project would be looking for a community representative. I had a few names of potential candidates that I suggested, none of which worked out. Ultimately, I signed on as the community representative for the project — a decision I’m so glad I made.  

My experience with working with the Tenaska team as both a participating landowner and a community representative has been great. The Tenaska team works hard through every step of the development process and is truly genuine when working with landowners and members of the community. Recent advertisements in our local newspaper by the project featured the headline “A Good Business Neighbor in Posey County,” and I truly believe that.

Stacy Wagner

Landowner & Community Representative, Posey Solar Project, Posey County, IN